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Our B2B Sales Accelerator™ solution is an extension of our Accelerator Platform™ and can be best described as end-to-end ‘Sales Process Architecting.’

Based on the methodology from Gary’s book: The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint, the solution has now been implemented at more than 10 B2B-focused companies who all have attained a 3-5x ROI over a 6-12 month period.  

Every solution we do is custom designed to the individual company and will cover everything and anything related to the construct of a predictable, profit-oriented sales process that will propel your B2B or SaaS company to unprecedented growth.

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Does this sound familiar? the average sales representative turnover. With a robust new rep onboarding plan, coaching framework, a career path planning rolled out, we can extend your reps' average tenure and increase profitability

...of sales reps consistently miss their quota. .And with a larger sales team in place, the impact of improving this metric can quickly lead to exponential growth and profitability for your organization

...of companies say that poor adoption of sales tools is a top reason teams miss their sales quotas. And with savvy sales organizations now using more than 10 sales technology tools, this is a big opportunity for improvement

...of sales leaders are unable to forecast revenue within 5% accuracy. End-to-end sales process architecting leading to consistency in sales execution can solve this and provide better margins

...The reason for thEsE statistics?

Most organizations Grow without a plan 

Having worked with tens of thousands of companies over the last 20 years in my own businesses, I’ve witnessed first hand how a great idea, a superior product or groundbreaking new concept can go completely unnoticed and ultimately fail if lacking a proper sales strategy and execution.

This illustration shows how sales efforts typically are rolled out at most new companies, starting at the bottom, with just a pitch and a website. With little to zero planning or structure they often have an inadequate foundation for scale. 

Later on this approach has to be reinvented and supported with a series of investments with external sales consultants, coaches or advisors brought in to create the framework that was never put in place. Needless to say, you’ll benefit tremendously if you flip things around and launch your sales plan with the end goal in mind. The opposite of this illustration. 


Our Sales Accelerator Framework

While every solution differs and is custom designed, our approach is consistent and can be broken into four stages. First we assess the current sales plan and process in place (or lack thereof). Secondly, we create a new sales plan that can be scaled, always with sustainability and profitability in mind! Now it’s time to implement, considering a range of factors. Lastly, we assess, coach and then advise ongoing. 

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High Level Customer Acquisition Strategy

Below is a top-level process map we developed for a now high-growth marketing company. In addition, we usually help our clients with designing the campaigns, selecting software/tools needed for execution, implementation, writing scripts for calls, emails, pitch decks, hiring and training materials, etc. to secure the overall success and profitability of our collaboration. Expect no stone unturned!

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