The podcast for Entrepreneurs and High-Achievers

The podcast for Entrepreneurs and High-Achievers

Goals, Grit & Greatness™
A Project Many Years In The Making!

Throughout my career I’ve spent +10,000 hours in sales huddles, presentations or workshops for employees and partners, and over and over again, I heard feedback such as:

“Damn Gary, That sure was some golden nuggets you shared there. I wish I had recorded it so I’d remember exactly how you explained that!”

Well, look no further, since all such sessions will be recorded and soon shared for free via the Goals, Grits and Greatness™ Podcast and YouTube channel. 

Cutting through the Noise

Like John Naisbitt said: “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge”!

I’ve spent a lifetime digesting most sales and business books and subscribed to most pertinent business blogs, podcasts, newsletters, etc., and can now safely say that there, unfortunately, is more inaccurate and non-valuable content being distributed nowadays than actual beneficial information.

An objective with the Goals, Grit and Greatness™ channel is to weed out all the noise and subpar advice from amateurs to save people time and money by providing one single source of tested and vetted information.

One Great Insight Is Worth a Thousand Good Ideas

Throughout my entrepreneurial and sales career, I can’t count how many times I’ve said: “If only I knew this insight 10 years ago!”

With this channel, I aim to, not only help the people and projects that I invest in, but help all up-and-coming young entrepreneurs with cutting their learning curve and accelerate their success by providing insights and learnings shared by the GOATs of business and sales.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

During the last decade, I’ve been privileged to work with so many brilliant, yet not necessarily publicly famous individuals, ranging from small agency owners to influential team members at large corporations like Google and Microsoft – what they had in common was possessing some truly AUTHENTIC and VALUABLE learnings to share.

I intend to interview all of these amazing subject-matter experts along with some of my favorite authors, in order to make their wise, sagacious and informative lessons available for all our listeners/viewers.

All the Best,
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Founder Goals, Grit & Greatness™
Stay Tuned!

The goals, grit and greatness podcast is coming soon!

The Goals, Grit and Greatness™ podcast is for entrepreneurs and high-achievers seeking knowledge on how to hack sales, scale their businesses and leverage proven strategies and tools to become the best version possible of themselves. 

We are excited to announce that we will launch our first episode on 
Q2 2024 and then every two weeks subsequently.