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Over the past 20 years, Gary has started and exited 6 companies ranging from 100+ agent outbound sales call centers, to radio advertising networks, and most recently an overseas digital marketing agency. This accumulated know-how and expertise now underlies his mission to empower entrepreneurs and high-achievers to realize their full potential in life.

360° Solutions For Entrepreneurs ​

Our solutions are designed to help entrepreneurs clarify their vision, get structured and organized, realize their true potential and maximize growth by providing a suite of proven tools.

The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint™ Book

Learn how to architect, launch and scale a profitable B2B or SaaS sales machine by leveraging winning processes, technology, automation and high-performance sales reps.

The Goals, Grit and Greatness™ Planner

A tool for entrepreneurs and high-achievers designed to help you overcome procrastination, mastering goal achievement and make excellence a daily habit.

The Accelerator Platform™

An end-to-end program for entrepreneurs that encompasses everything you need to do to successfully launch and scale your company to $1M+ yearly.

Learn How to Hack Growth and 10X Your Sales

The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint™ is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs and sales leaders who want to effectively architect, launch and scale a profitable sales machine, by leveraging winning processes, technology, automation, and high-performance sales professionals.

Gary shares practical, cutting-edge recommendations perfected from working with tech giants and industry titans such as Google and Microsoft.

Already labeled “The Sales Bible” by early readers, it paves the way for you to construct a predictable, profit-oriented sales process to propel your company to unprecedented growth.


Global Head of Sales Enablement at Google

“This masterful sales blueprint covers the entire range of what it takes to be successful in B2B and SaaS sales. I trust you’ll benefit from it as much as I have.”

"If you’re a smart reader looking to uncover invaluable lessons from the outbound B2B and SaaS sales trenches, look no further. Gary’s book is literally a comprehensive sales bible. Startup founders, sales leaders and marketing executives will all find highly relatable stories, strategy insights and plenty of proven best practices, plus techstack recommendations they can immediately apply as they lay the foundations to successfully scale growth. Gary’s done it all. This is advice you can trust."
Marcus Sheridan
International Keynote Speaker. Ranked #1 LinkedIn Voices for Entrepreneurship, Author of They Ask, You Answer
“As a partner with Microsoft Advertising, Gary helped put a region on the map. He did nothing short of shifting mindsets. He was key in marrying a near-shore business model and offering best-in-class digital marketing services. His determination and passion changed the way we think about winning business. He didn’t just win new business; he built a playbook that extended customer lifetime value. Gary is the type of person who knows how to find opportunity, attract the right people, and win partnerships for the long haul.”
Mauricio Orantes
Director of Partner Development, Americas at Microsoft
"Gary was one of the strongest sales leaders I worked with when I ran Google's reseller business in the Americas. He built an amazing sales culture and high growth business from scratch. His teams were always highly engaged, motivated and constantly challenging themselves to be the best they possibly could. He combined this sales leadership with operational excellence, using technology and automation well to help scale his business."
Ben Wood
Managing Director App Dev EMEA Google
"Gary has a successful track record of building profitable B2B and SaaS sales driven companies from scratch. His Sales Blueprint is a must-read for the steps it takes to accelerate your company's growth with proven strategies and recommendations with a customer driven mindset that you can only find from an industry vet like Gary."
Samir Janveja
Head of Channel Sales, Amazon
The Goals, Grit & Greatness™ Planner

Stay on track with your goals, boost productivity and improve your work-life balance

A powerful tool for entrepreneurs and high achievers designed to help you overcome procrastination and make excellence a habit. Get crystal clear on your intentions, strategically define clear and measurable goals, establish healthy rituals, implement balance in your life, and consistently evaluate and adjust your methodology to become the master of your destiny.

An End To End operating system For Entrepreneurs

Secure The Success Of Your Startup With Our All-In-One Accelerator Platform

Our Accelerator Platform™ was designed to provide startups with all the necessary tools to help them effectively launch their new business, mitigate the risk of failure, and aim to scale their sales and revenue exponentially upon proof of concept. We offer three variations of our Accelerator solution depending on your budget and specific needs. Learn the details of our three core offerings: