“This masterful sales blueprint covers the entire range of what it takes to be successful in B2B and SaaS sales. I trust you’ll benefit from it as much as I have.”

Ben Tyson - Global Head of Sales Enablement at Google

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Gary Garth, founder of an Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company for 4 Years In A Row Has Published The Blueprint That Helped him Acquire More Than 11,000 Clients

Check Out What Top Executives at Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft Are Saying

"If you’re a smart reader looking to uncover invaluable lessons from the outbound B2B and SaaS sales trenches, look no further. Gary’s book is literally a comprehensive sales bible. Startup founders, sales leaders and marketing executives will all find highly relatable stories, strategy insights and plenty of proven best practices, plus techstack recommendations they can immediately apply as they lay the foundations to successfully scale growth. Gary’s done it all. This is advice you can trust."
Marcus Sheridan
#1 LinkedIn Voices for Entrepreneurship, Author of They Ask, You Answer
“As a partner with Microsoft Advertising, Gary helped put a region on the map. He did nothing short of shifting mindsets. He was key in marrying a near-shore business model and offering best-in-class digital marketing services. His determination and passion changed the way we think about winning business. He didn’t just win new business; he built a playbook that extended customer lifetime value. Gary is the type of person who knows how to find opportunity, attract the right people, and win partnerships for the long haul.”
Mauricio Orantes
Director of Partner Development, Americas at Microsoft
"Gary was one of the strongest sales leaders I worked with when I ran Google's reseller business in the Americas. He built an amazing sales culture and high growth business from scratch. His teams were always highly engaged, motivated and constantly challenging themselves to be the best they possibly could. He combined this sales leadership with operational excellence, using technology and automation well to help scale his business."
Ben Wood
Managing Director App Dev EMEA Google
"Gary has a successful track record of building profitable B2B and SaaS sales driven companies from scratch. His Sales Blueprint is a must-read for the steps it takes to accelerate your company's growth with proven strategies and recommendations with a customer driven mindset that you can only find from an industry vet like Gary."
Samir Janveja
Head of Channel Sales, Amazon
"This blueprint is a perfect distillation of Gary’s strengths as a sales leader in the tech industry: a deep understanding of how to quickly identify a market’s needs, technology’s role as a force multiplier, and pathways to scale the business to realize profits. An excellent toolkit for tech and sales leaders out there."
Patrick Tam
Strategic Partner Manager at Google
"Gary's sales blueprint carves out the way to save hundreds of hours trying to 'figure it out.' He's tested and proved his systems work. He understands that people are at the core of any business and teaches concepts that can take years to master!"
Brian Gerrard
Sales Director at Outreach

#1 Bestseller in the Sales Category

"This book is a must-read for any B2B, SaaS or TEch startup owner, entrepreneur, sales or Marketing Leader looking to crack the code on revenue optimization."

Most sales books in the market are subject-specific.

  • How can you close more deals? 
  • How to become a better sales leader?
  • What tools or processes do you need? 
  • How to coach your sales reps?
  • How to hire salespeople?


And since I’m 100% autodidact in sales and business, with only a high-school degree, rest assured that I’ve read every single sales and business book I could get my hands on over the last two decades.

There’s a lot of great books out there, but during my reading journey, I’ve never come across any that began with the end goal of your business in mind.

A book that provided me with all the pieces of the puzzle required to build a successful sales organization, and thereby create a thriving business.

And if you’re like me, you may find most books you read touch upon one or two core concepts, and after reading the first couple of chapters, you get it!

Time to move on.

There’s little value in finishing that book and you might as well put it back on your bookshelf. 

This book is the complete opposite.

This is full of 100% end-to-end practical concepts you can apply to your business tomorrow.

Zero fluff, unnecessary fillers, or expanded stories.

I only share stories as context and evidence for what strategies worked for me or others, and what didn’t!

Additionally, I frankly don’t want to read more books from sales leaders at big organizations with a ton of resources, market capital, and a strong brand behind them.

When you’re at that point you are already at the top of the mountain.

How difficult is it then to build out a sales team and processes?

Instead, I wanted to write a book targeting the vast majority that don‘t have a reputable brand yet.

Who, like me, were bootstrapped and didn’t have a limitless marketing machine behind them flooding them with leads every day.

My book is intended for readers who need to make every single penny count, every hire impactful, and develop winning strategies that you, as David, can best use in your slingshot to beat Goliath.

But you might be wondering why the heck should I listen to this guy?!

I made my first million dollars when I was 25 years old. 

I achieved this by establishing four high-growth B2B call centers in Denmark.

These call center companies involved over 150 outbound agents at their peak and generated over 45,000 new commercial subscriptions in less than three years.

I then went on to become the Director of Channel Sales for the Danish division of Europe’s leading radio network; Radio NRJ.

Here I developed the media agency program, managed a staff of 20 reps, and increased the network’s revenue by 400% in 5 years.

Going from Zero to 100 Million

In 2011, I jumped on a plane and relocated to Nicaragua. One of the hardest years in my life—ever.

Almost 9 months with no sleep, grabbing a few hours whenever I could during the day after pulling a double shift selling to clients back home all night.

Then, seven espressos later, welcoming the Nicaraguan staff at 9 a.m. to the morning huddle.

I struggled to maintain a positive outlook to inspire my team for the next 8 hours before going home to crash, only to start all over again.

That’s where I got my first gray hair!

Worse, I felt like I was destroying my body and my mind. “What a fool”, I thought.

Fast forward to 3 years later…

My former agency, WSM, was nominated one of the fastest-growing agencies in Google’s partner ecosystem and reached over 1,000 clients in just 2 years.

Google acknowledged our success and accredited WSM as the 22nd Google Premier Partner in the USA out of tens of thousands of agencies.

Being the only agency based outside the US (with HQ in Miami) made us a pioneer in our market.

Under my leadership, the company experienced exponential client and revenue growth.

We established premier partnerships with both Google and Microsoft, while attaining top placements for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017 on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

Subsequently, as the Head of Partnerships for WSM from 2017-2020, I designed and deployed the new reseller business program.

I was responsible for developing strategic partnerships with other marketing agencies, business associations, and Tech and SaaS companies, ranging from white-label resellers to co-branded alliances.

Within the first two years, the new reseller business became WSM’s predominant revenue stream by onboarding over 120 new partnerships/resellers and managing over US $100 million in revenue.


“I will always remember my time working with Gary in sales as one of the best learning experiences in my career. His drive allows him to think outside the box and set audacious goals. His discipline is the key component of his success. He’s an advocate for hard work and team effort. This book will be an excellent toolkit for tech and sales leaders out there.”
Karen Hite
Co-Founder of Hite Digital
"Gary is a thought leader in sales excellence. He is a respected visionary who knows channel sales enablement like no other. In my time as GM of Channel Sales at Google, Gary demonstrated quickly as a leading partner how to plan, execute, and scale a winning sales approach. This book clearly lays out the sales methodology, framework, and processes that fueled his company's success."
Jazz Samra
Executive Strategy and Digital Innovation at Wells Fargo
"It was impressive to see how Gary managed to build a strong reseller business from scratch, growing his sales team and keeping performance and operational excellence throughout the journey. He became one of Google's strongest partners while I was managing the program due to his ability to see and make things happen."
Marcela Tonello
Program Manager at Meta (Facebook)
"When big thinking meets fundamental execution, amazing things are possible. People from all organizations can learn from Gary’s experience and approach to business. Build a great team. Develop mutual partnerships, and most importantly, drive sales. This book can be an effective resource for anyone who wants to start a business or be successful as an individual contributor."
Brett Klee
Account Executive at Salesforce
“Despite my fifteen years of sales experience, I’ve never ever seen a leader be so passionate and engaged when it comes to sales. Even when we were growing like crazy with over 200 employees and Gary was in the boardroom or corner office, he’d always make time almost every day to come down and sit with the sales team, take phone calls with us, and close deals! I can say with certainty that this is the book we have all been waiting years for Gary to write to reveal some of his methods, tactics, and secret sauce!”
Will Peralta
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at First Rank Digital
“As an early reader, I’m excited to see this hit the bookshelves soon and recommend it to anyone who needs to crack the code with their sales and revenue. Gary shares tangible and actionable recommendations on how to assess your sales tech stack (new or existing), a thorough list of considerations and priorities before change/implementation, and how to get buy-in and adoption from everyone to secure success. There are too many fluffy sales books out there with little to zero value. This book is an exception and will yield significant returns if you implement just 10 percent of Gary’s proven blueprint!”
H. Rodnie Silva
Manager, Growth at Republix
"Gary is a truly legendary sales leader! He embodies all of the traits of a highly capable salesperson, yet he remains humble and respectful. He is consultative in his approach while still being able to hold his own during negotiations, all the while being charming and charismatic. I find myself walking away from every conversation with Gary a better salesperson, and his wisdom in sales is unmatched. When I found out Gary was writing a step-by-step guide to sales excellence, I immediately requested a copy because I knew that I would gain tremendous value from it."
Christian Moore
Commercial Account Executive II at Salesloft


This book delves into a wide-ranging set of topics, content-rich, with many practical examples.

  • Strategic business development and the importance of always having the end in mind.

  • How and why it’s critical to focus on your strengths and delegate the rest.

  • In-depth walkthrough of sales metrics—why they’re critical to your life blood and which ones to track.

  • What to look for in your hiring and onboarding processes since great salespeople are made, not born.

  • My formula for superstar sales management and best practices to foster high-productivity teams.

  • Smarketing alignment. Messaging and execution are often thought of as activities “owned” by marketing, but in reality, it’s the opposite—sales involvement is critical to success.

  • Influencing deal success rates. I offer rich information and guidance on sales demos, collateral, testimonials, proposals, and negotiation.

  • Customer satisfaction is the key to revenue growth. This sets the stage for successful cross-selling and upselling.

  • Sales organization is one of my favorite topics and should be yours too. I dig into sales operations, effective sales meetings, and the critical role of your CRM.

  • The role of the sales tech stack for successful scaling and detailed recommendations of the best software tools to date as well as an extensive resource list of many more in the landscape.

  • Outsourcing is a strategic decision and so I devote an entire chapter to that important topic.

  • And much, much more…




You got it…

Along with over 400 pages of growth-hacking methods, I have put together a set of videos with briefs on each chapter. 

Here’s a video summary of one of my favorite chapters “The Significance of Technology for Scale”

In fact, I have at least 7 different software applications working right now to bring this page to you.

So if you got this far, you might want to get some intel on how it’s done.

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This is not a “Sales 101” book or intended for a B2C-focused company or retail concept. 

People who aren’t prepared to put in hard work and practice patience with regards to the outcome should put down this book. 

I hate to burst your illusion, but 99% of the sponsored posts you see on social media with hacks and shortcuts are get-rich-quick schemes and won’t work. 

You need to study, try, fail, then try again and work 12-16 hours a day. 

Then my recommendations can work.

And don’t expect a conventional book with subject-matter expertise on some fresh new concept on how to sell easier and better. 

This is an entire sales blueprint—a bible if you will—on what’s required to take your startup to the next level by working through a framework for scale from A-Z. 

In other words how to go from $0 to $100 Million.

This book has a strong focus on B2B, SaaS and Tech sales and is especially written for the startup entrepreneurs behind the scenes of these companies—the founders of the next successful startup that no one saw coming.

The inexperienced sales leader looking to elevate his or her game into the big leagues, can also find value in this book, with learnings, proven concepts and applicable examples on how to scale your team.

Finally, some marketing folks may pick up a few insights that help them create Smarketing nirvana—a close integration of sales with marketing.

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